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Lemontree Media

Lemontree Media

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A splash of freshness. A dash of sharpness. That’s what the Lemonator’s Vitamin R formula brings to the table.

Led by content, driven by design, and underpinned by technology this revolutionary rubric is the Lemonator’s way of infusing new life in a market that’s thirsty for original, groundbreaking ideas. The Lemonator begins by peeling off irrelevant layers of brand communication to reach deep inside; into the ripe, rich pulp that matters.

Popular Services- 

  1. Media
  2. Marketing
  3. Technology

Services offered by Lemontree Media

Media Services

Sometimes it takes a simple visual demonstration to substantiate features and corroborate the technical specifications of a product. The Lemonator is a past master at putting together videos that ensure that the viewers get a quick grasp of the subject.

Our Media Services Includes-

  • Explainer and Demo Videos
  • Corporate Films
  • Short promotional Video
Marketing Services

The Digital Revolution is truly on the upswing. Consider this – Internet users all over the world have crossed the 4 billion mark. The Lemonator puts you in the driver’s seat with an efficient digital media strategy to deliver measurable results.

Our Digital Marketing experts provide you with curating customer-driven and SEO-defined website content, executing targeted email campaigns, conducting effective social media marketing programs, and keeping your customers updated about the latest offers and promotions online.

Our Marketing Services Includes-

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaigns and Presentations
Technology Services

Leading the great shift in customer engagement is the switch-over from graphical interfaces to conversational interfaces. Today, with the advent of scalable technologies they have evolved for you to get a lot more done.

Our Technology Services Includes-

  • Voice Powered Outreach
  • Websites
  • UI/UX Development

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