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Rethink UX Pvt. Ltd.

Rethink UX Pvt. Ltd.

Location of Rethink UX Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Info for Rethink UX Pvt. Ltd.

At Rethink UX, we aim to give efficient and effective solutions to our customer’s technical needs across various industries. We believe in reflecting our customer’s organizational values to their websites and mobile application.

We try to push our boundaries to help deliver affordable and innovative results at par with customer’s expectations to give them a delightful experience.

Our Popular Services 

– Mobile Application Development
– Web Application Development
– Custom Software Development
– WordPress
– Digital Marketing
– UI/UX Designing

Services offered by Rethink UX Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Strategy

We structure & strategize the best possible Digital Marketing solution that is budget-friendly and ensures to deliver the desired result. The Plan would be unique to your needs and digital marketing goals and can be customizable as per the changing technical environment

Ergonomy (UX/UI)

Efficient, Interactive, and Innovative UI/ UX is our core competency and we take pride in creating Interfaces that provide a great experience for our customers.

Works by Rethink User Experience Pvt. Ltd.

Mini CRM

Lynx is a mini CRM for managing Kumon Center of Math and Reading-based in the United States of America. The platform has all the features to manage student details and their fees details in the core and many other auxiliary features to manage the centre effectively.

Circle Rate Calculator

Collector rate calculator is a mobile app which enables people to calculate Collector rate of Indian real estate. Currently different Indian states have different parameters to calculate collector rates and realtors don’t have any one click solution which tells them the value of a property in any particular area of India.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System helps you to keep records of all the visitors which entered in your building or office with real time reports. This app has features to manage regular visitors and non-regular visitors with easy checkin and checkout functionality.

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