Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

40 People in their team
From 1000€ per project
5 Works in Chandigarh
Location of Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Info for Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Location of Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Info for Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

❇ Softuvo Founded in 2016, based in Mohali & delivering custom solutions to different industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Enterprise etc.

★ Softuvo is an ISO-certified organization for Quality & Information Security; offering excellence in Design & Development (SaaS; Web; Mobile; IoT). If your business craves any IT solution, you just name it and we have it.

★ Expert in strategizing, developing, and executing the objectives ★

✅ Helping businesses work faster and smarter innovative Software solutions and consulting services.
✅ Complete lifecycle product development to on-site consulting.

We Softuvo Solutions, born out of a simple thought – empowering business by taking maximum benefits of technology to design custom online solutions that accelerate growth to reach the business goals of clients.

★We invest heavily in our employees to support ★

✅ Custom Application Development

✅ Multi-tier Client/Server Applications

✅ Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS)

✅ Website Development

✅ Digital Marketing

❇️ Consult Softuvo ❇️ Navigate Business with Softuvo ❇️ Be a part of well-defined processes.

Services offered by Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Web Application

✅ We design ✅ We develop ✅ We deliver ✅ We assist Start-ups

🔘 The delivered solutions are fully responsive, Cross-Browser/Cross-Platform compatible. This means the Web Applications are compatible with all screen sizes, from mobiles such as iPhones to tablets and widescreen PC monitors.

🔘 Development Areas worked upon so far:

▪️ Online Appointment Booking
▪️ Streaming the voice live
▪️ eCommerce business Solutions
▪️ Subscription-based business models
▪️ Online MarketPlace web application
▪️ Health & Fitness business web solutions etc.

★ Softuvo combines a passion for client satisfaction ★

✅ Guaranteed Innovations delivery
✅ Hand-on experience with Project Management tools
✅ Execute using AGILE
✅ Highly Flexible for working hours
✅ Quick Response ratio
✅ Utter Support
✅ Highly Active on IM, In case needed!

📁 Source code and project management:
▪️ Git, GitHub, BitBucket
▪️ JIRA, Slack, Redmine, Trello
▪️ TestFlight distribution, AppStore submission

Mobile App

Prepared to share invaluable experience in all areas related to Mobile Application Development from ‘Analytics’ to ‘supporting all versions’ and give deep expertise in nuances.

❇ Key Proficiency Areas:

✅ Creating new apps from the ground up
✅ Updating or fixing existing applications in either Swift or Objective-C | Java or Kotlin
✅ Building backends using popular services like Google’s Firebase and Amazon’s AWS
✅ Consulting on feature possibilities and App Store guidelines
✅ Consulting on monetization strategies
✅ Performing code reviews

★Have created applications for medical, social, sports, lifestyle, product segments and know how to do it properly. We having the ability to face the potential challenges in the development and can guarantee that your final product will be up to the highest standards.

★Our experience ranges from simple interactive apps to sophisticated enterprise systems based on mobile platforms. We really into unique and useful solutions which implement user experience in a fun and attractive way.

❇️ Consult Softuvo ❇️ Navigate Business with Softuvo ❇️ Be a part of well-defined processes

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