5 Main Pain Points of Brokers in Indian Real Estate

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What are Pain Points of Brokers in Indian Real Estate

Pain Point is nothing but the specific business-related problems that the individual is facing in the market.

Like any problem, the pain points of brokers in India are as diverse as the Indian Real Estate market itself. However, not all brokers in the Indian real estate market are aware of the pain points they are experiencing, which makes it even harder for them to solve those problems.

Here are some of the Pain Points of Brokers in India faced in their day to day life activities.

Pain Point 1 

The paperwork for brokers in Indian real estate is very messy, and both parties (owner, tenant/buyer) prefer getting help on paperwork. It includes documentation like Stamp duty and Registration, Lease Documents, Deeds, etc and it needs to be done carefully and consumes 40% of the time.


The brokers in Indian Real Estate needs a helping hand to automate all the documentation process and save their time.

We provide you the Crove app for all your documentations on one platform where you have to just fill in the client details on the pre-prepared template and it’s ready to be shared with whether it’s your client for the sign or it needs to be submitted in the registrar’s office.




Pain Point 2

Indian audiences trust local agents more compared to online websites providing listings to the properties. We Indians always trust what we see and who we know. Moreover, no proper listing of all the properties and agents is available on websites. There are not many online rentals and buying options available in tier2 and tier3 cities.


So it is high time for all the local brokers in the Indian Real Estate market with Years of experience and thousands of contacts to use their authority in the online market and serve the customers all the services online listings are providing with the trust of the local authority being the Cherry on the Cake.




Pain Point

The most common problem with brokers in Indian real estate is time management. Devoting a certain amount of hours to a system of prospecting- phone calls, blogging, papering, visiting locations, managing leads, and generating is hectic.

Solution –

The brokers in India needs a system to have a record and manage that record for all the leads and previous clients. Restic provides CRM customization to manage all your present clients and prospect leads.




Pain Point 4

Relevant Lead Generation is a pain point of brokers in India. There are a number of options available for lead generation but with no guarantee of the relevancy of the leads.


Generating 1000 leads and only being able to convert 5 will do no good and will only increase the cost per lead. At Restic we only focus on generating high-quality leads for the Real Estate market in India causing low cost per lead.  

For more information on Lead Generation check Top Lead Generation Channels for Indian Real Estate.




Pain Point 5

Another Pain Point of Brokers in India is that they really do need to be properly educated, trained, and experienced, before just getting into the business.


Indian Real Estate market needs sales and marketing education. We at Restic provide Ebook and Handbooks especially designed for Brokers in Indian Real Estate to educate them professionally.




Pain Point 6

Another pain point of brokers in India is cultivating a data set. Only 20% of realtors cultivate their clients. As a result, they lose 42% of referral business.


Restic enables you to manage all your clients by providing Customer relationship management software, where you can trach all your follow-ups.  You can track the status of all your campaigns as well on the marketing dashboard customized for your requirements. 





There are multiple pain points of brokers in the Indian real estate market, based on various factors like location, client base, the budget, sector in which they are dealing, etc.

But in this article, we aim to address the most common problems faced by Brokers in the Indian Real Estate Market and the best possible way to solve them.

For more information contact us.

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