[Case Study] Overwhelmed response in just 1 month of marketing

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About BN Habitat

Established in 2008, BN habitat is based out of Chandigarh. BN Habitat is passion driven with a vision of finding the best habitat for each individual who are looking for a dream home in and around The City Beautiful- Chandigarh.

Challenges Faced

BN Habitat is clear in its ideas when it came forth to Rethink UX. For BN Habitat, lead generation was the biggest requirement. They knew that online marketing in real estate could make a difference but they didn’t know how. 


They wanted us to generate max. Leads to sold out the biggest developer’s project here in Tricity i.e. Sushma Buildtech.


      • Build a strong digital presence and relevant audience base on Facebook
      • Launch Google PPC Campaigns
      • Run Lead Generation Campaigns on Facebook
      • Run Lead Generation campaigns on Linkedin
      • Setup hubspot to manage all the leads so that sales team can do their work faster and better

Understanding the project:

      • They build fantabulous flats in Chandigarh (usually in the outskirts) and Zirakpur.
      • Provide Both luxury and budget flats
      • Delivered 12 projects in 12 years, working on 13 more projects

Understanding BN Habitat

      • Have a great sales team who can drive sales regardless of what.
      • Wants the number of leads at a fixed predefined price.
      • Have a great Marketing head who micromanages the decision we take for their brand.

2 Steps Simple Marketing Strategy

      • Get the data of interested people by running google ads
      • Re-target interested people through facebook ads and google display ads to generate more leads

The Zirakpur region has, over the last couple of years, turned into one of the biggest beacons for residential and commercial establishments. So interested people are continuously searching for residential and commercial properties in Zirakpur. 

So, we have created a dedicated website for Sushma Projects and started running google search campaigns. The main objective of these campaigns is to collect the data of interested people in residential flats so that BN Habitat could able sold out two projects of Sushma Buildtech i.e. Sushma Grande and its extension (Sushma Grande Nxt).

Google Search Campaigns

1. Accomodation Campaign

We have created an accommodation campaign for all those people who are searching for flats in and around zirakpur having the search queries (keywords) like 3 bhk in zirakpur, 4 bhk in chandigarh, residential flats in zirakpur, 3bhk in mohali and so on.

By this way we were able to fetch the data of people who are interested in residential properties.

We redirected them to a landing page where they had both the options to select and view the complete details of the projects which no other competitor is providing.

On every step we have setted up google ads pixel and facebook pixel along with conversion tracking so that we could track website visitors and can re-target them with the help of facebook ads.

We have also setted up hotjar (a tool which records the screens of our website visitors and generates heatmap) to view the behaviour of the website visitors. It gives us the insights whether the website visitors are facing any difficulties in browsing the website or not. That tool gives us a chance to improve our landing pages which eventually led us to improve our conversion rate.

By continuously improving our campaigns we have got this result:

2. Sushma Projects Campaign

As Sushma Buildtech is a very popular builder here in and around Chandigarh, people directly search for Sushma projects. And for those people We have created this campaign in which we were capturing the data of the people who are interested in Sushma’s projects only. The hotness of this traffic was much more than traffic coming from the accommodation campaign because they knew Sushma already.

By continuously improving our campaigns we have got this result:

    • Google Display Campaign

After running the search campaigns for almost a week, we have started a display advertising campaign in which we were able to retarget the website visitors who visited our website before.

The idea here was simple, we don’t want to waste our marketing budget. That’s why we were only targeting interested people that we have filtered by running google search campaigns i.e. Accommodation campaign and Sushma Projects Campaign.

We derived a decent amount of traffic with the help of google display campaign and got the cheapest lead from there out of all google advertising campaigns.

Here are some of the results:

Youtube Video Retargeting Campaign

We started this campaign only to retarget the website visitors via youtube video ads. Yes, we were not able to bring that much good results from there because we haven’t got many conversions from this campaign.

We were running this campaign to filter the hotness of the traffic. Means, the person who is searching for a home and who came to our website, if he will visit our website again when we’re-targeting him through youtube is more likely to buy a home.

Some of the above campaigns ad examples:

Facebook Campaigns

We have started running two facebook ad campaigns. One is for cold audience and another one is one for hot audience i.e. website visitors came from google ads

The idea here was to target the individuals who are stable with their job/ business and who are showing interest in real estate properties and who has visited our website recently.

1. Cold audience Campaign

We have started this campaign to target the individuals based on their interests, behaviours and demographics. And yes, we got the huge results from this campaign because we got those leads for Almost Rs. 30/ lead and most importantly we got more than 52 percent leads marked as relevant from our sales team.

2. Retargeting Campaign

We created 2 retargeting campaigns, one is for those people who visited any page of our website and another one is for people who have visited the project pages by showing them the ads related to that project only.

And there is no surprise that we got a good response from facebook retargeting campaigns again.

Here are the glimpse of those campaigns:

Some of the social media Ads:

Linkedin Ads

We have started running linkedin ads from last week and we are pretty sure that we will get most target leads from there. Yes, these leads are costing us around Rs. 530/ lead but the lead quality is also very good.

Here is the glimpse of that campaign:

Problems that we have faced during the marketing:

      • We were getting leads from different channels and it is very important for us to know how many leads we are getting from which channel and through which medium. E.g How many leads we are getting from calls/ whatsapp etc.

        These leads can only be marked by the sales team. Marketing professionals can only track the activities done on website pages.

        But the sales team was not able to do so on time which was creating problems for us to analyse the performance of the campaigns.
      • Hotness of the leads can only be measured by our sales team. Again, the same thing happened. Because of so many leads they were not able to manage the data properly as a result they decided to pause the campaigns until they get this data fixed.

In the very beginning, we have recommended our sales team (BN Habitat sales team) to use hubspot to manage all the leads but they started managing their leads on google sheet and as the data kept on increasing they were facing problems in managing the leads status.

Solution to the problems faced

The sales team realized that we have to use some system which can take care of all these things to manage the status of every lead. Whether it is relevant/ irrelevant, hotness of the lead etc.

Hubspot is a free CRM and it gives us many flexibilities to manage our contacts/ leads properly. It not only helps us in analysis but also helps us in doing our work faster. It also reduces the manual work.

That is why, we recommend hubspot to each and every client always. 


With our diligent planning & effort, we have obtained the following results from the respective campaigns:

PPC Campaign

Clicks : 12.3k
Leads : 227
Cost per lead : Rs. 285

Facebook Campaign

Leads generated : 287
Cost per lead : Rs. 59.51

Wait!! Still thinking why Digital Marketing is important for Real Estate?

See these statistics first:

      • 80 % of all home buyers search nine before making any decision
      • 83% of the people who want to buy a property check the images of the same online
      • 52% of the prospective buyers use their mobile phones to access a real estate website to research on the property
      • 49% of the leads are generated via referrals
      • 91% of the realtors use social media to boost their business
      • 33% of the first-time buyers browse online to look for property

Maybe now you are wondering if Rethink UX is the right choice for Real Estate Marketing?

Let me keep it short and simple, We believe in giving 10x the value that we have promised to our customers.


We believe time is very precious for each one of us. That’s why we automate all the leads that will be stored at a single place automatically.

We prepare dashboards to analyse the performance of our campaigns, even if you are not tech savvy, you will be able to check whether your campaigns are working well or not.

We not only help you in generating leads, our team also helps you in closing them.

Now that you have some very important knowledge about digital marketing for real estate, it’s time you implemented it on your business.

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