How to select a Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency?

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Deciding on hiring a real estate digital marketing agency is easy, but the harder part is to decide which digital marketing agency to select.

In the time being, the barriers for entering the digital world are slim to none, and that makes choosing the right real estate digital marketing agency for your business even harder,

Why is digital marketing necessary for your real estate business?

Digital Marketing is about finding the right audience, understanding their behavior, and then targeting the spaces where your audience is investing their time.

There was a time when our audience just used to focus on newspapers, radio, or other offline mediums. So just posting ads on those mediums was enough to target your leads. But in the current digital world, People’s attention is divided into a number of social media platforms and it’s hard to grab their attention. 44% of all home buyers and 99% of Millennials go to the Internet first when finding properties for sale. 

In the modern world, the success of your Real Estate Business depends a lot on your digital marketing strategy. Every day there’s a new trend in the market, or some new platform is launched, so it’s impossible to keep track of what’s going on in the digital market,  this is why getting someone else to do it for you can be highly advantageous.

So, hiring a real estate digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to understand your audience’s behavior and to target them in the most effective way possible.

How to choose the right Real Estate digital marketing agency?

Selecting the right Digital marketing agency for your Real Estate business is no mean feat. 

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business is a tricky decision and should not be taken lightly. Here are some parameters to ensure that you are choosing the right agency for your business.

1. What is your goal of hiring a new Digital Marketing Agency?

What do you want to achieve by hiring a digital marketing agency for your real estate business?

Do you only want to generate sales-qualified leads, or you are having a hard time managing your leads, or you want to establish a digital brand identity for your real estate business, or your in-house team is falling short of your ROI objectives, etc? 

Hiring a well-equipped and professional Real estate marketing agency can help you eliminate your blind spots and will provide you with a digital marketing strategy that is best for your business resulting in you achieving your goals.

2. What is the pricing structure of the marketing agency? Do they provide any free trials?

While Most Real Estate digital Marketing agencies charge around 10-20 percent of total spend some charge in form of some percentage of your ad spend or media buys. Whatever the method of charging is, the important part is that it falls under your budget and is getting a positive ROI after that spend.

You should also ask if the digital marketing agency is providing some services for free trials so that you know what you are getting yourself into and is it worth the spend.

3. What are the reviews of the Agency by their previous clients?

Client Reviews are the best source to check the Agency’s credibility. Reviews are social proof that the agency is providing services that are worth spending money on.

4. Ask for Portfolio and Client Case Studies?

Client case studies and portfolios tell a lot about the agency’s workflow and working strategy. Most Digital Marketing agencies publish their case studies on their website and you can check what results they are producing and what is their strategy to achieve that results. 

If not published you can ask for the detailed case studies or portfolios in the client pitch as well to get a deeper understanding of their workflow.

5. What are their Success metric KPIs?

If a digital marketing agency focuses on getting thousands of likes or followers on your social media platforms or promises hundreds of visitors on your websites, it’s not worth the time. Getting thousands of likes on your posts and not getting any leads will do no good to your business.

A Professional, Experienced digital marketing agency focuses on implementing the strategy rather than chasing superficial social metrics. They focus on the metrics that actually matter like Cost per click and click-through rate on your website, the bounce rate of your visitors, social interactions, etc, which brings you one step closer to achieving your goal and actually increases your sales.

6. Do they understand the importance of data in marketing?

Proper data analysis helps you understand the user engagement on your campaigns and website. Reading a data analytics report is not hard but actually understanding it needs specialization. A good Digital Marketing agency will not only give you a report full of numbers but will also provide you with strategies and plans based on those analytics that are achievable.

7. Check out the Web presence of the marketing agency?

Social media presence and website blogs are the best ways to understand if the agency has a stronghold in the market. What type of content they post, is that relevant, are they up to date with the market trends. Also, do they provide marketing guides, arranging seminars, etc? All of these activities help you understand the agency’s market authority and efforts.  


Selecting the best match for your business can not be simply overstated. When you are best in what you do then why not selecting the best real estate marketing agency for your business too. 

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