Top 5 Secrets of generating Real Estate Leads Online

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What are Online Leads in Real Estate?

Before we get too far down the rabbit hole of how to generate online real estate leads, let’s understand what are real estate leads. When our target audience visits your website, with the intent of buying something or getting some information, they are our prospect leads. Leads can be found from contact us form, phone call, live session, etc. 

There are a number of ways of generating online leads, but to find these leads your audience needs to know about you and your services. 

Why are Online Platforms Important for Real Estate Leads Generation?

Leads are very important for a healthy real estate business. With low cost and high ROI, the internet can flood your business with leads if used properly. 

More than 85% of the audience sector search for real estate services online. The internet has changed how the real estate industry generates leads, and you are definitely behind the curve if you are not using online lead generation methods, already. 

So, How do you generate leads online?

Here are Top Methods which can help you generate leads online- 

How to get Real Estate Leads Online

Here’s a list of online real estate lead gen ideas you must implement for your business- 

  1. Social Media 

Social media platforms are not only exciting but also influential, especially when it helps you to attract relevant leads for your business. If you are not a frequent social media user it’s high time you start using it for your business. By providing values to others in an engaging way on social media you can easily get a following and eventually leads. 

Here are some ways in which you can use social media platforms for generating real estate leads for your business. 

  • Paid Advertisements
  • Quizzes
  • Email campaign
  • You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for engaging relationships with your existing customers who can promote your business through word of mouth. 
  • Instagram in particular is a great place for sharing images and videos of your properties and will promote your business in a highly effective manner. 

  1. Website and Blogs

If optimized and boosted correctly, your websites can do wonders for your real estate business and can generate highly business-qualified leads. Your website should be used for Highlighting your services and blogs should be used to provide the best information to your visitors for generating leads.

The first motive of your blogs should be providing value to the visitor and it will help you target the market in the most effective way.  Providing the best advice and resources can increase your influence in the market so chances are high that leads will come to you as well for the services as well. 

You can blog about anything related to your niche that is real estate business but it has to provide some authentic information and it will surely pay off. 

  1. Newsletters and Case studies

It’s always a good idea to keep your name top-of-mind of your prospect lead, and a newsletter is a great way to do so. A newsletter can be about anything like real estate news, your latest properties, offers, etc. 

Similar to your blog content, your email newsletter should also include the latest industry news and that would interest and help your prospects in some way or the other. 

You can also add your case studies and success stories in your newsletters. A case study may be time-consuming to create, but it is highly recommended for building customer trust. Case studies allow you to highlight your strengths and give real-life examples of how you’ve met clients’ needs.

  1. PPC Ads and Retargeting

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your leads online, there is no competition with PPC advertising. PPC advertising yields fast results with high accuracy of the return. Even if you’re working with a small budget, a PPC campaign can generate tons of real estate leads if designed correctly. 

If you are not sure how to generate leads online, PPC advertising is for you. It can target interested customers by displaying an ad at the top of Google’s search results or within websites they surf. Either way, you can get their attention in the most effective way. 

While talking about PPC ads we can not forget about Facebook Retargeting Ads. Facebook ads are not a popular method of advertising in real estate circles, despite them proving high ROI. Retargeting helps in keeping you on top of the mind of your target audience.  Facebook’s retargeting algorithm will simply show ads to those who have shown interest in your services will see your ad again, resulting in a high conversion rate. 

Read Top Lead Generation Channels for Indian Real Estate to know more about Lead Generation through Paid advertisements on various channels.

  1. Videos and Virtual Tours

Videos and 360° Virtual tours are a blessing of technology for the real estate business. They say seeing is believing, so why not show your leads the best features of your properties and there’s no better way to do that than with video with 360° Virtual tours

A video is far more than just a showcase of your property. On average, an online video converts 33% of leads.  Videos are also a great way to show your face and are a more personal way to greet potential leads. Nowadays buyers want to see the inside of a home before they invest time into pursuing it, and with videos and virtual tours, you can make it easy for them and yourself as well.  Videos engage the potential buyers more compare to any other way and, eventually, they’ll be more motivated to reach out for further information.


Leads don’t just appear on your doorstep. You need a strong, well-planned strategy that helps you get noticed in the realm and get ahead of the competition. These tips should get you on the right track to generating real estate leads online.

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