Top Lead Generation Channels for Indian Real Estate

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So What is a Quality Lead and how to Generate Sales Qualified Leads?

Quality Leads are a very important aspect for a real estate business and any business in general. A lead is nothing but contact with a person who has a buying intent in your service.

In this article, we have listed the top lead generation channels for the Indian Real Estate Market which are used by real estate channel partners and builders. We have also mentioned the Pros and Cons of each lead generation channel so that you can decide which channel is best according to your requirements.

Property Portals for Online Lead Generation

Top in the digital list is property portals in which any customer who searched for the Real Estate property and showed interest in the property can submit their contact details on the property portal, and then their contact details are sent to the brokers or developers of that property as a lead hence making it a lead generation channels.

1. 99acres

You can post your real estate properties for free.The top featured ads on the home page are not filtered based on your location
Both basic and premium real estate property listing with the top slot in search resultsMonthly subscription packages are not service-based. 
Display adsYou have to pay a huge amount for the top listing and even after that, the traffic is divided into almost 10-15 features.
Complete branding and marketing packages for the owner, builder, and broker are available.Competing from almost 5000 listings in individual locations.
Get ads with,,, to listing and marketing.
A large number of filters are available.

2. MagicBricks

Package description is available on the website for the paid real estate selling ads.It’s almost double the price from 99acres 
Apart from property listing services like Legal services, Vastu, Home cleaning, Paying rent, and an EMI calculator is also given.For every search, almost 1500 results are there.
The number of sponsored ads are very less (2-3)The number of filters is less.

3. Housing

Provide real estate services like a rent agreement, pay rent, movers and packers, rental furniture, and targeting frequent movers and youngsters.Only provide listing and leads but not other marketing and branding services
Home page featured ads are location-basedSearch competition is almost 2000-3000 
Search results are displayed on the map so it’s easy for the buyer to locate the property10-15 featured properties
Apart from location-based grouping they provide all the listings under a particular broker as well.

4. Proptiger

Focused on selling property in the primary market.Only buying listings available hence restricting the audience by a very large no
Very low competition of around 100-150 listingsDirect listing the Real Estate builders and claims zero Brokerage and provides site visits and enquires about the property
Only for buying properties, not for rentals.

Free Classified Sites

In the list of lead generation channels next is classified sites that provide freemium services for listings. These free sites along with real estate properties and services allow the posting of a wide variety of products and services hence giving a large no of user base and leads to channel partners and builders to get relevant real estate leads hence adding them to the list of top real estate lead generation channels.

1. OLX

A Property buyer can directly connect with sellers of the real estate property on sites through message featuresOnly if the buyer is interested in your property based on Images and specifications then only they will contact you.
Featuring ads on Olx is as easy as boosting content on any other social media account in a few simple steps.Limitations on free ads based on category and locations.
Provides an audience base who was not specifically looking for property and came across the ad as the audience reach is vast.Competition is very high for rent/sale properties.

2. QuikrHomes

Placing banner ads through Google ads.Pricing not displayed for getting customer data
Premium listingFreemium services
It’s easier to generate an audience who are not specifically looking for property and came across the ad as the audience reach is vast In the costly package, the featured ads are sometimes irrelevant because the filters are very less to filter out your requirement,
Working model same as 99acres in the pricing of Magicbricks and consumer base bigger than both of them as offering wide no of services.

Local Search Directories

These sites allow us to list the business and themselves act as online directories. Real estate brokers can register their business, property, contact details so potential customers can see their listing and reach them.

These search directories also offer premium advertising packages to help get higher business visibility.

1. Justdial

Paid top slot on search results available.Packages start from 20k and go to 5lakh
On-site banner adsCompetition is very high i.e. Almost 40 listings on the first page
Get details of real estate leads who are looking for property in respective areas


Referral Marketing is in the list of lead generation channels because it is a marketing technique that is based on recommendations and also known as Word of Mouth Marketing.

The cost of a referral is zero so your lead cost is lowest with referrals.You cannot control what types of customers you take in and sometimes for saving the relationship with the previous customer you might not get a very beneficial lead.
Referrals give maximum conversion rates because of the trust factor involved especially in India.You can have a hard time increasing your prices.
Referred customers are both more profitable and loyal in the long-term than customers acquired by other means.Referral marketing is extremely slow and it cannot work in your initial years.
85% of consumers agree that they prefer a more authentic, honest brand. You cannot always backtrack the referred audience with the same accuracy as you can in online marketing.
You can only get a small number of audience by referrals.

LinkedIn Ads

As a primarily B2B network, LinkedIn isn’t necessarily the top lead generation channels to spot real estate clients. But we can use Linkedin to network with our fellow real estate competitors and channel partners.

Some LinkedIn Features that can be used for Marketing is-

  • Joining LinkedIn groups that we know our target audience frequents. Maybe it’s a group for local real estate investors or one for first-time homebuyers. We can find the groups and contribute to the conversations.
  • Sponsored Content.
  • Sponsored InMail.
  • Text Ads.
B2B customers will find their perfect audience on LinkedIn. Its user base is largely business professionals, and the targeting is based on salary, job title, employer, company size, etc.Getting quality clicks or leads is great, but it does come at a higher cost for LinkedIn compared to other social platforms.
It’s easy to reach top decision-makers on LinkedIn. You can even specifically target C-suite usersCompared to Facebook, LinkedIn has nowhere near the level of educational resources available to new advertisers.
There are also display ads, lead generation forms, and video ads to choose from. You can utilize text ads similar to what you find in Google Ads, or you can take a content marketing approach and sponsor content.There are no product ads because LinkedIn users are expecting a personal and professional experience when they use the site.

Facebook Ads

In India, Facebook has approx. 245 million active users making it one of the top lead generation channels for real estate. With Facebook advertising, we can build brand awareness as Facebook has fine-tuned targeting, a large mobile audience, and extensive analytics.

On Facebook, you can spend as much or as little as you want according to your budget and goals, making it ideal for small and big businesses alike.Optimizing for link clicks leads to Facebook serving your ads to “clicky” consumers who may not care about your product or service.
Microtargeting: On Facebook, you can target users based on demographic information such as age, gender, location, and language, as well as detailed interests and behavioral targeting.Marketers are noticing a sharp decline in their organic reach, and based on Facebook’s new NewsFeed algorithm change.
The Facebook Pixel allows you to track user actions once they interact with your ad.Having good creative resources is essential for success with Facebook advertising for the real estate market in India.
Facebook Ads is the ability to target an audience that looks like users who were valuable to you in some way.

Google Ads

The topmost benefit of using Google AdWords for Real Estate lead generation is it works faster than SEO. A well-optimized Google Ad campaign can work much faster for your real estate business to get a much-coveted first spot in search making it a top lead generation channels.

Billions of people go to Google to search for services they are interested in and want to purchase and the chances of your ads getting views is higher than any other platform.You pay for each click to your website regardless it’s converted or not and even if it’s relevant or not.
Your budget can be big or small and you can optimize the CPC in your budget.Competitive industries have a higher cost per click so If your keyword bid is too low, then your ads could be relegated to page 2 or 3 of the search results.
SEARCH ADS – When someone searches for a product or service related to your real estate property, your ad will show up, and people can click on it and land on your site. Word limitation in ads-You can add three,30 character headlines, two large 90 character description lines, and a customizable display URL and it should be attractive enough to grab customer attention
DISPLAY ADS- When we visit any sites we see this display ad between article, Blog, or any information.

Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an important role in building a relationship with leads, prospects, and even current and past customers. It gives you an upper hand of being able to directly communicate with your leads at their convenience making it a top lead generation and conversion channels.

3 out of 4 people are using email and that makes 75% of the audience.Design, tone, and strategy can make or break your emails so it has to be highly attractive yet professional.
It’s the most affordable way to engage your target audience and build customer relationships.Commercial email and poorly designed emails may not get delivered. Emails that use certain spam keywords or characters in the subject heading or content of the email can get into the spam section.
With a few easy keystrokes, email is customizable to support a more personalized customer experience.Emails containing many images may take too long to load, frustrating your audience, and losing their interest.
An email campaign with engaging content and a clear call-to-action (CTA) can help draw real estate customers to your website.

SMS Marketing

You must be thinking about why SMS marketing is in the top lead generation channels list. SMS are never out of fashion, the simplicity of the text messages makes it an effective lead generation channel. Your target customers see a message of 160 characters and make a decision and 17%of the time that decision is, click on your link.

The personal nature of mobile phones makes SMS marketing a very powerful toolYour message has to be short. The maximum limit for text messages is 160 characters
Most people take their mobile phones everywhere – meaning they can be effective for time-sensitive messagesPeople respond negatively to unwanted texts and activate services like DND.
People tend to read virtually every text they get – unlike junk mail, spam.This marketing commands a very limited audience, as it is only a certain age group of people that uses texting on a regular scale.

Partnering with other Business

Some Methods of Partnering in the Real Estate Market can be- 

Example 1– A broker partners with a banker and asks him to provide home loan buyers in return for getting a share in his commission.

Example 2 – A broker Partners with HR and asks them to suggest his name to recruits or getting information about recruits.

These methods sound very normal but can do wonder in generating leads and building contacts in the real estate market.

You get to know precise details about the potential client.You have to give a part of your profit in commission and the amount varies from low to high.
You can approach your client with solutions to all their needs hence the probability of high ROI increases.Sometimes just for the sake of recommendations, you have to take some undesirable projects.
It’s one of the best ways to build contacts and resources in the local market especially when you are new.Recommendations expect or at least try to get more discount than usual.
Creates loyalty- If a customer interacts with that person, they are also interacting with that brand, which increases the chances of a future purchase

Quora community

Quora’s excellent SEO value results in getting top results for every question searched making it in the list of top lead generation channels in the Indian real estate market as 31% of the Quora users are Indians and they rely on the recommendations on the platform.

Quora is a great place to expand your brand’s visibility and networking.On Quora, there is a wide range of queries are available and one can easily land up on some not so important threads. 
So one should always pick the battle very smartly to avoid wasting time.
Quora is one of the best social media platforms to engage tour customers in discussions that are productive.Quora does not allow you to link your professional profile on the platform, unlike Facebook and Linkedin. Hence on Quora, you can not present your brand, but can always talk on behalf of your brand.
Quora is the best place to find out about what your audience is searching for and you can always provide value to the community by resolving those queries.


Since there are a lot of factors affecting the top Lead generation strategies especially for the Real Estate Market in India depending on the type of Lead required, time constraints, budget constraints, etc. So depending on the requirements the top lead generation channels can vary but we wish to provide you with the best information on top leads generation channels in Indian Real Estate.

For more information, contact us or see you at retargeting.

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