In-house or Outsource marketing? Which one is best for your Real Estate business?

Difference between In-house vs. agency outsource marketing In-house marketing relies on an internal marketing team, which your company maintains, to market your business. In comparison, agency marketing uses an external or outsourced marketing team, which you pay to use, to market your business. Which one is better? Let’s see IN-HOUSE VS. AGENCY PROS CONS COST […]

How to select a Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency?

How to Select real estate digital marketing agency

Deciding on hiring a real estate digital marketing agency is easy, but the harder part is to decide which digital marketing agency to select. In the time being, the barriers for entering the digital world are slim to none, and that makes choosing the right real estate digital marketing agency for your business even harder, […]

Must follow these 21 Google Ads Policies while creating google ads campaigns

Google wants to have a healthy digital advertisement system which means it should be trustworthy, transparent, and works for all its users, advertisers, and publishers. The purpose of this article is to help you create google ads campaigns that align with google’s advertising policies. Google uses a combination of automated and human evaluation to ensure […]

[Case Study] Overwhelmed response in just 1 month of marketing

About BN Habitat Established in 2008, BN habitat is based out of Chandigarh. BN Habitat is passion driven with a vision of finding the best habitat for each individual who are looking for a dream home in and around The City Beautiful- Chandigarh. Challenges Faced BN Habitat is clear in its ideas when it came […]